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Let’s get this straight! What is Coaching?

It is an extraordinary and unique relationship designed to create a significant impact and sustainable results in ALL areas of a person’s life.

It’s a powerful process uniquely designed to create lasting change. It is a profession, and one that offers highly qualified experts. Because of the extraordinary benefits of the coaching relationship, to both client and coach, even at a virtual level, it’s no surprise that the demand is bigger than ever for good authentic coaches.

It’s not Consulting and it’s not Counselling.

While consulting is about the Consultant delivering the right answers, coaching is about the Coach asking the right questions whilst empowering clients to create their own customized and personal solutions and become the drivers of their own success. Through improved communication focus and accountability, coaching dramatically increases client capacity to accomplish better results on their own. It does not deliver a single solution; it permanently increases the client’s own ability to repeatedly develop solutions.

“coaching is about the Coach asking the right questions”

Coaching is not Counselling.  Counselling aims to heal mental psychological issues and often examines past events. It usually centres on diagnosing a problem that needs to be addressed. Coaching involves no such diagnosis and in fact coaches only see opportunities not problems. Coaches shift the focus from why to how. Coaching is very results oriented, maintaining a focus on the current situation, and actively developing future plans. Counselling focuses on helping people to live functional lives. Coaching focuses on helping functional people live extraordinary lives. 

“Coaches shifts the focus from why to how”

Coaching methods. There is even a difference between coaching methods – and the results they deliver!

All coaching works to a great extent but the Core Energy Coaching process takes coaching to a whole new level. One reason why the Core Energy Coaching process is so effective is that it draws upon what works well in consulting and counselling and other helping modalities and combines them into a process that’s incredibly effective and transformational.

Holistic. Consulting is great at giving clients answers to specific challenges in only ONE aspect of a client’s life. A Professional and Certified Coach recognises that everything is connected and that making a change in one area without considering the effect of that change and the transition in other aspects of life, does not give the best chances for success. The Core energy coaching process explores the intricate and ever-changing Holistic perspective of every client’s life.

Future Focused.  Counselling and therapy work on healing past issues. The past cannot be ignored – after all, what happened in the past makes clients who they are today.  Core Energy coaching helps clients visit the past to identify and remove barriers to taking positive action, something that many individuals accomplish only after years of therapy. Is it useful to stay attached to the past and let that influence your success and happiness today? No! A skilled Core Energy Coach makes clients aware of how the past shapes the present – and helps them to move to the future they desire.

Change or transition, what is the difference? The change/transition distinction is not sufficiently clear today. Change is your move to a new city or your shift to a different job, or to no job. It’s the birth of your new baby or the death of your mother. It’s the replacement of your Manager, or the acquisition of your company or the merger with another. So change is situational but transition on the other hand is psychological it is not about those events but it is about the inner re-orientation and self-redefinition that you have to go through in order to incorporate any of those changes into your life. Take a house move for example: the change is the transference of the furniture; the transition is the acceptance and adaptation to the change and without that, the change will not work. You can get set for the change to retirement by making financial preparations and creating a few interests without preparing yourself for the experience of being in transition. A Transition Coach accompanies you through this process and prepares you from every aspect of your life!

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