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Say goodbye holidays and hello stress?? So why not plan for it, deal with it and transform it

Whether you are a woman going back to a male-dominated workplace and are dreading the impending struggle. Whether your team is shrinking but the volume of work is rising. Whether your boss is demanding deadlines that cannot be met, or whether you relate to a fear of ‘life as usual’. All of these pressures will lead to a drain of energy that causes you stress in some form or another. Stress which alters your thoughts, your voice, your appearance, your decisions, your functionality and most of all YOU!

France shuts down in the month of August. We go on our well-deserved sun-stained escapades, then return in force, fully refreshed and invigorated. Memories of our travels, related in colourful and vibrant conversations with friends and family, soon dissipate into a light mist as la rentrée sets in. With it, a fog of traffic queues, endless meetings and full inboxes, clutter our cleansed mind and body.

So, what’s new?

Well did you know that you ping pong back and forth through 7 levels of energy all day and during every day of your life?  You do this consciously or unconsciously.  

  • Being aware that you have seven levels of energy around which you function is the first step to managing a buildup of stress. Levels of weak ego to levels of no ego; levels vibrating at the lowest of energetic frequency to those of the highest levels of anabolic energy.  Levels of no faith, trust or confidence to levels of deep inner knowing which needs no logical proof or material evidence.  So having your teams understand that there are different levels that work for and against them at different times will help them work better. They will produce higher results and they will be happier in their jobs and have a conscious control over emotions and feelings that are arising.
  • Knowing the effects of your behaviour on others, as a boss, as a colleague or a friend, will guide you to a clearer communication with your team and your collaborators.  Not knowing makes you a blind leader!
  • Understanding the reality, the facts and figures of how stress affects decision-making, communication and life longevity will be sufficiently enlightening for you to not want it destroying your life or YOU!

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) will raise your energetic presence in the moment once you’ve learned to speak the language about those 7 levels of energy yourself.

You don’t need to speak French to learn the Language,  just be curious!  

Deborah Russell, CPC, ELI-MP is a Certified Professional Leaders Coach whose work creates an open and trusting engagement with leaders and their teams from all walks of life. By consciously adapting how they’re using their energy, she inspires her clients to instinctively raise their energy in-the-moment thus reducing unnecessary negative stress.Deborah offers individual/group consultations and runs her own retreats alongside experienced  International peer Coaches, in tranquil surroundings where reflection and inspiration flows naturally. Learn more about Deborah and forthcoming retreats on her website:

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