Deborah Russell Coaching


Honoured to be invited to speak to the factory teams at Rolls Royce last year, I talked about how people ‘show up energetically’. We chatted around what happened when people were under a lot of stress; the physical and mental effects and how behaviour visibly changed.

They discovered that they each had an Energetic Profile, and explored strategies to build it with impact. Questions arose on how to support those showing up at low levels. We unveiled how to make changes to produce higher results of productivity and the word ‘levels’ was bantered in the traditional ‘Friday drinks’ that evening.

We discussed hiding behind our camouflage and identified with true joy, and what that looked like visibly!

Then, a young technician asked:

“Are there any Managers in the room?”

Confident about the reply, I asked Managers to stand up; there were a good 20% of Managers present.

What does that tell us about a need to be present today?

More important than ever as we hide behind our masks and virtual platforms – perfect barriers to hide feeling and emotion.

Managers… your team needs your visible presence and for
you to show your support to ACTION in today’s unknown.


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