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Behind the thought lies…

Standing on the platform at Victoria station looking up at the destination board, a man called at me “where are you going love”, I wanted to say “I don’t know really, where do you recommend?” but then I laughed feeling elated at the kindness of the human mind, the spontaneity of thought, the curiosity of man and the speed at which we can be alone in our thinking and yet firmly connected to all that the universe provides. I’d felt alone, but human kindness had changed that thinking and how refreshing in such an environment of speed and bustle! 

My thinking has turned to my recent reading of the three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought and for this article in particular, Thought

We know that there is nothing that comes behind Thought, it is unique to you and is what allows for the creation of all mental life; everything you think, perceive and feel. The Principle of Thought exists before your conceptual mind, it lies before or prior to any thoughts you hear in your head (those inner critical voices) and before any single one of your ideas or your beliefs (those blocks which cause procrastination and static behaviour) and also it lies before any label you attach to a person or a thing (your judgement).

I thought about my day, my weekend and the changes that lay ahead and became quietly excited knowing that I have total control over the power of my thoughts, my light and my own creativity.

The Principle of Thought allows you to look at the fact that the experience you feel is created from the energy within you.

Thought is not reality; yet it is through thought that our realities are created” – Sydney Banks

The Principle of Consciousness allows you to look within towards the huge canvas of our awareness.

The Principle of Mind allows you to look towards the source and intelligence within you that transcends your personal intelligence. 

Next time I look up at a travel notice board (instead of my thinking ” I really do have navigational dyslexia”) I intend to think the thoughts that I am a vast being of limitless creativity, awareness and wisdom. I am my thoughts, my feelings, my behaviour and my body.

It is normal for you to have thoughts about yourself, both positive and negative but it helps to realise that those thoughts you have are not ultimately true. When your thoughts become your identity, this becomes your ego. 

Ego is a case of mistaken identity. 

Finding your true self…
Your true self is the dimension of you that does not come and go and that does not vary and when you identify with ego, you believe wholeheartedly that your concepts are true. Remember when you were a baby you were free of the contamination of your negative conceptual thoughts. Ego’s view of life is a conceptual view of life and concepts are interpretation. Take today’s digital world; how often do we witness the mishmash impact of interpretation?

 Ego does not recognise that these are just made up ideas.                       

Consider also that you might have the idea “ I am a good Manager” but “I can’t sing and I certainly can’t dance”. 

An idea represents just one interpretation of an unlimited number of possibilities. It’s just a thought not a reality; it is an illusory reality that will change the moment it is replaced by another thought – the thought, “I can sing and I can dance” .

One might add to that thought “well it’s going to take a long time”. I challenge you to question that thought with the thought “How true is that ”?

Wedded to the Ego      

When you become lock tight to your narrow and unsubstantial view of your conceptual mind you become positional, believing your view is the only view, the best view, or the fairest position. You stubbornly defend your view as the only right view, becoming stuck with this view, dogmatic and rigid, unwilling to change and arrogant in asserting that you are right and others are wrong.

I believe that being wedded to ego’s world view is at the cause behind all personal, relational, political, international and religious conflicts and wars.  As you realise the nature of ego, you wake up to an expanded view of life, a sense of direction and a feeling of fulfilment. 

Thank you to the kind man who inspired me at the station to share with you these three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought  and a heartfelt tribute to Sydney Banks and authors of ‘Coming Home’.

Deborah Russell, Certified Professional Coach, ACC, ELI – Master Practitioner. Deborah is a Transition Coach for Women. She will inspire you, reassure you, accompany you in moving forward in your inner evolution. Her own Life and former Business experience as a Manager in the Hospitality Business and a Working Mum in a Man’s World has become the driving force behind her passion to provide a professional and dedicated Coaching service that raises energy, creates a vision, activates a gear shift and gets things moving …    

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