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Have you come back from your summer holiday feeling like this? You were probably already feeling demotivated, confused, and unheard

Here are 10 reasons why you may be feeling this way and 10 do-able suggestions:

1.You are not showing up daily with the highest possible level of energy, and if we measured your energetic profile, it may be revealingly low.

Suggestion: Learn how you can raise your energetic profile and choose how you show up.

2.You believe that everybody should think and process information and make decisions in the same way that you do and so you cannot understand why they do not function like you.

Suggestion: When you understand how you and others around you are cabled, your approach to them changes completely, and the difference is extraordinary!

3.You are struggling to communicate in a way that shows empathy or compassion and it shows in your behaviour towards others; some people may have commented.

Suggestion: Raising your EQ (otherwise known as emotional quotient or emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. It is the greatest contributor to Leadership, it is the key to your future success and to the development of those around you, (team and family) WHY wait for more comments?

4.You may be having difficulties in communicating in a second language and so information takes longer to process, and people give up on you.

Suggestion: Learning to assert yourself in another language requires skill and self-belief; you absolutely have that waiting to surface, you may need to work with a language coach.

5.You are searching for team players to co-operate, but they seem to be unfocussed and disengaged.

Suggestion: Strong ‘Energy Leadership’ requires a “we all win, or we don’t play” mind set. It is time to look at the mindset of your team.

6.You are surrounded by too many people that simply drag you down.

Suggestion: Consider how you are serving yourself by being surrounded by people who drain every ounce of energy from you because you think you should be there to please.

7.You do not have enough clarity to drive yourself forwards, whilst you may know something about values, your (or your company’s) goals are confused, and your objectives seem to change like the wind.

Suggestion: Planning and goal setting is not everybody’s forte however it is essential for giving direction and clarity and communication around this is key.

8.The unprecedented effects of Covid-19 on daily routine has left you flummoxed around what is important to you today.

Suggestion: Time to stop making other people’s objectives urgent and make yours ‘important AND urgent’ instead.

9.You have a boss who micro-manages you and you feel that you cannot make decisions without constant authorisation or discussion.

Suggestion: Managing upwards is not always evident as a strategy but it can be extremely effective when handled constructively with discretion and compassion.

10.You feel overwhelmed and bogged down with detail and you have become an expert in procrastination and firefighting.

Suggestion: You are not alone! A SIMPLE daily priority management system that works for you is only a 15minute strategy call away…

If more than 4 of these reasons for not being heard sound familiar to you then the first step is to TALK about this with somebody who connects from the heart and HEARS you well.

I provide high quality, (structured and affordable), supportive and heart-felt coaching programmes that work and help you build the impact you want to have around you. You will develop your communication abilities whilst connecting to your objectives with good emotional and energetic sense. Unlike most quick-fix training programmes, my Coaching method is sustainable, and it is fast so you can make a positive influence and feel a lot less stress in your life NOW!

Let us talk now about something that suits YOU best.

Deborah Russell, Professional Certified Coach, PCC, ICF, Energy Leadership and MBTI Master Practitioner.

If you’d like to make an appointment for a 15 minute chat, contact me on or directly on my website

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