Welcome to Deborah Russell Coaching

I am a Professional Transition Coach based in the West of Paris and London.  My clients are those that have found themselves facing a period of change and uncertainty at work or in their private lives and are at a moment in time when they could use some support.  It’s not that they can’t get through by themselves, it’s just that I know how to bring out the best in them using a bespoke technique that harnesses and channels their energy into the right areas which brings out lasting performance and high end results.
 Is my coaching for you?
  • Are you determined to invest time in yourself to manage through today’s challenges in a fast changing environment?
  • Are you an individual, intrigued as well as motivated to work with a professional who will support you in transition and get life back in order and on a track?
  • Do you want to know your own drivers for success, your top strengths or triggers for low energy so that you can steer them to your advantage?
  • Do you ‘get’ that Professional Coaching for people today has become a must for reducing stress, improving health as well as success and are you ready now to engage with a Coach ?

Just imagine:

  • Sharing events, challenges and thought processes with an expert who not only listens but hears and has the skills to unravel solutions fast!
  • Having cleared out your clutter and working effortlessly with individuals who understand, communicate and support you and your vision.
  • A life focused, efficient and committed to accomplishing set work and family goals.
  • Functioning with high energy and having those fuzzy blocks removed that hold back optimum performance.
  • Feeling relaxed and confident, proactively addressing potential challenges before they unfold.
  • Having more time and energy to do the things you love and being able to prioritise what matters.
  • Seeing results increase, productivity soar and your efforts recognised and rewarded!


If this resonates with you then I invite you to contact me for a free introductory session in total confidence.  At your request, I will contact you to arrange the time and date.  No strings, we will look at your current life and business and see what’s getting in your way right now.  We can then determine what your next steps are and how to achieve your ultimate vision.

Book in a Free session now!