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Thank God it’s Friday!

Has it been a tough week?

Are you battling with a challenging relationship and you are just not getting through? Nothing you say gets the answers you are looking for and nothing you do gets the right feedback or recognition.  You’ve taken on yet a load more monkeys on your shoulder, and your priorities are such that you are dealing with fog and not focus.

Time to take stock! 

Answer these questions and use this process to find a solution that will work for you next week:-

1.      What has changed?

2.      Why am I feeling these emotions and frustrations?

3.      What can I do to take better control of them?

4.      Which of my top values is being challenged right now? (here are just some of the top values we are driven by and which get triggered:

(Respect, communication, recognition, honesty, trust, accomplishment, clarity, creativity, freedom, excellence, integrity, connection, and many more).

5.      Which of my values has been open to the most triggers?

6.      How would it help to shift that value and make it less important at this moment in time?

7.      How well am I serving others with this feeling that I have?

8.      How well are others serving me?

9.      What ONE thing can I plan to change on Monday about how I am approaching this feeling?  

10.  What ONE thing will I activate on Monday to take control over how I’m feeling today?

 Now shelve that idea into your ideas book until after the weekend and think no more about it until Monday, then implement!

“Have a safe weekend”! 

Deborah Russell PCC, is an Executive Coach supporting Leaders dealing with challenging relationships. You can arrange a free call in confidence here: and for more information about her work please go to her website: 

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