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Do your intentions dissipate into inaction?

“Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most important of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you!”

There was a time when I would become irritated when I read something like this, but the reality is that it’s true.  

I was hearing much relief about 2020 being behind us. “Good riddance and here’s to better things” I frequently hear and then smack, another piece of bad news appears in the media just when we are trying to look forward. Does this mean we are in for another difficult year? The answer is no. This isn’t healthy thinking. We shouldn’t be reliant on external factors to stay positive. We shouldn’t allow them to take control of our mood.

The feeling of loss of control from external factors affecting the mood and positivity gives way to opportunity to reframe our thoughts and learning. Thankfully where there is a crisis there is usually an opportunity.

If you are reading this, then you are likely to be somebody who wants to deliver new results and truly make an impact in 2021. You can use your wisdom, brilliance and positive energy to direct your capability to show up in a new and much bigger way.

The picture is there to be explored and painted: what will this picture look like?  The canvas is blank. Your picture is unique, it all depends on the lenses you’re looking out from.

We hear a lot about intention. How important is an intention to you? If you have a thought that resembles an intention, do you let it go? Or do you focus on it, create a strategy around it and make it happen? We tend to lose these intentions in the whirl of daily life, and the harmful thoughts that hamper our potential. All too often, these thoughts are on matters which we cannot influence nor control. 

If you have a thought this week, I urge you to make it an intention. If last year’s lenses didn’t work for you, change them. Stretch your abilities to the limit – with this year’s lenses. The blank canvas of 2021 confronts you. What picture will you paint? 

As you work on your intentions this year, it may be wise to look for some support. You might consider help to keep you focussed, in the game, controlling your energy levels, mastering stress, balancing life and work, managing difficult relations and finding better ways of working. How about feeling in control this year? 

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