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You Want to keep Your best team, Unlocking Remote Team Management Brilliance is the best way to go

After the pandemic, I’m feeling unsettled and restless. I’m questioning if my current job and location are still the right fit for me. I believe I could excel in another role, but I’m stuck in a cycle of routine without a chance to pause and consider my options. Despite my extensive experience as a corporate leader spanning three decades, I find myself uncertain about my skills and achievements. It’s time for a change, but I’m unsure of where to direct my focus and feeling like I’ve been delaying important decisions for too long.

Feeling trapped in stagnant relationships both professionally and personally, I’m experiencing a draining sense of low energy. It’s as though I’ve lost my sense of direction and support, feeling abandoned and rejected, especially within a narcissistic dynamic where my voice goes unheard and unbelieved. Amidst a crowd, I feel invisible and disconnected, weighed down by the repetition of negative memories and toxic emotions. Struggling with impostor syndrome adds another layer of challenge, leaving me feeling stuck and unsure of how to break free from these patterns.

I coach women and men through transitions and life changes. Committed to accompanying them to access their maximum potential, I strive to achieve fulfilment and harmony both at work and at home, believing passionately that they go absolutely ‘hand in hand’ together and with this, I coach around the ‘whole’ rather than the ‘individual components’.

I have proven that coaching combined with educating, is where I can make a difference.

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