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Time to be honest

  • What kind of relationships do I have at work?
  • What are my colleagues like?
  • How do I communicate with my team members or my colleagues?
  • What is my business or career looking like?
  • Am I satisfied with my income?
  • How is my health and overall energy?
  • What do I think about how happy and successful I’ve been to this point in my life?
  • What results am I producing?
  • I know it is important to stay ahead of the game in my team, but negative thoughts keep getting in my way.
  • I spend so much time procrastinating and worrying

Now ask yourself – who are you being in all of these areas? Because who you are being or the way you are, repels and attracts everything you want; your relationships, career, finances, health and happiness…in fact, your entire world is created by the way you are being in your life.  By getting to the core of who you really are, you can recreate that cycle to make happen what you actually want, but it requires some investment from you!

Which of these are going on?

  • They are performing like a hamster in a wheel, never an opportunity to reflect or plan.
  • There are not enough in the team to do the job, and they are working outside their scope
  • They are working in two languages, difficult to leverage their ideas and be assertive.
  • Not getting heard is leading to frustration and poor direction.
  • Jobs have changed, are they happy in the job they are doing?
  • They are not feeling valued, there is a heavy weight holding back performance.

Who are you being and how do people see you at work?

Who you are being, is based on your level of conscious awareness of who you really are. This determines what and who you are going to attract and what type of Leader you become and what message you give. It is a formula that determines your reality. It’s how you create your Business world.

Before you look at our programs, try out this Assessment Questionnaire!

It’s time for you to see how you are showing up energetically, to create new systems, get the right people to support you, build on your creativity and remove yourself from the ‘day to day’ so that you improve your productivity, get your life balance back and create the impact you can.

The ELI Energy Leadership Index

About the ELI

The ELI is a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables Leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, attitudes, behaviours, and overall leadership capabilities.

In simple terms it demonstrates how you are currently showing up as a Leader to those around you on a normal day and then what happens when things go wrong, thus giving you a baseline for your current performance and situation. The realisation that you’ll gain from the ELI assessment and debrief process alone, will change the way you view your world.

Why take the ELI

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) gives you a unique look at your levels of energy (or consciousness), to help you see how that may be working for or against you, as you strive for what is important for you. Taking the assessment offers indisputable insights into what stops you from the inside, (your inner blocks) and what supports you, and is the beginning of being able to shift those things to get the results you want.

Developing Leadership skills involves a greater awareness of yourself and others.


Understanding how and where you best charge your energy for receiving and processing information and making decisions, is an important awareness and skill for Leaders of teams.

By knowing this of yourself you learn about the facets of effective team management and how to get the best from each individual in your team as well as learn to communicate better with others outside of your team, be that your boss, another team member, etc.

The MBTI assessment will elevate this skill for better career management, and heightened communications with all types as well as members with neurodivergent conditions, enabling greater motivation and a leveraged leadership ability.

Would you know if you had an introverted team member?  Do you make the assumption that because one team member behaves loudly or boldly they have an extroverted preference? If you judge someone by their behavior alone it’s like judging a book by its cover, you could be mismanaging that individual and by far missing their full potential as a high performing team member.

Suits Development Programme – tailor made for you!

The programme includes:

  • A rich package of 6, 9, or 12 coaching sessions of 45, 60, or 90 minutes over a period of 8 or 12 weeks, or 6 months according to your requirements and availability.
  • A thorough report and footprint measuring your current energetic performance and stress levels. This is given from the Energy Leadership Assessment. It is the best instrument to provide a reference point for the rest of the coaching and to evaluate progress.
  • An in-depth assessment of your Myers Briggs personality type as well as its report in detail to highlight any personal potential agreed areas for change. This is used to support you in understanding your own behavioural style and better understand what drives others. It can be a game changer for leaders of teams and toxic relations.
  • Useful tip sheets and leadership content to support identified and agreed areas of improvement and fulfillment.
  • A look into Leadership paradigms (Enneagram) to better understand how the ego plays it part and can create a barrier to success both at work and in a relationship.
  • Early bird access to summertime wellbeing retreat 2023/2024 in the West of Paris. Coaching, relaxation massage, forest walks, and French cuisine are all available.
  • All clients are offered a 45 minute ‘post session’ at no cost after the programme is completed.

Program package prices range from 1250€ to 2870€ the choice is yours

Prices quoted will include any additional charges incurred and there will be no further costs billed to the client, so no surprises!

Still not sure if you are ready for coaching?

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