What is Coaching?


When you get really clear and honest about finding out what you want, there are really only two basic, key questions that you need to ask in coaching:

“what do you want?”

“what stops you?”

If there were nothing that stopped you,  you would already have it, unless there was an obstacle.  Knowing what you want is enough but in most things in life (especially big things), there ARE obstacles!


whats-your-storyDo these obstacles sound familiar?  You either don’t have the information, there are certain things or certain skills that you haven’t yet developed,  you don’t believe that it’s possible,  you don’t have the energy you need,  you are not motivated enough, there are people in the way,  you don’t have the time,  you don’t have the money, or it’s just too damn scary!!

So knowing what you want is more than half way there but the rest is recognising the obstacles when they get in the way and knowing how to get past them.

I ‘d like to share this analogy with you: –

“If a stick is floating down the river and gets stuck,  it doesn’t need a crane to move it or years of therapy it just needs a little nudge and then it will get back into the flow of the river.”   – Michael Neill, Master Success Coach.

A lot of the techniques and ideas that I will share with you,  if you chose to work with me, are just little nudges to get you back in to the flow of the river and back to knowing what you need to do next.  It’s that simple!

Working together

As my client I would want you to work with me in a way that everything becomes an experiment, something to play with.  Making it really easy for yourself and thinking about “how effortless can my own success be?”  “How much of what I really want can I actually have and how easy can I allow it to be? ”  As long as you hold it all as an experiment you can’t go wrong.

One of my favourite unconventional pieces of wisdom from Bruce D Schneider,  Founder of iPec Coaching School, is that “you cannot make a mistake”.  There are no mistakes, only different varieties of ways to experience life and remember more of who we are. We are all leaders and we make choices used on our past experience, our belief systems, our values and perhaps even the collective consciousness that’s ingrained in our DNA.  We always choose what we believe is the best possible choice in any given situation.  Instead of directing energy towards the past (by beating ourselves up over mistakes) why not ask, ‘what is the lesson that can be learned from this experience ?’

I work with clients using the Energy Leadership Assessment and what has become really exciting to me and my work with people, is my observation that every time, it always comes back to the same thing which is that no matter who you are, no matter what you have done, no matter what I or anybody else thinks your life or business should be about, you have inside you an inner knowing, an inner wisdom, an inner voice that knows exactly what it is that you really want to do and what it is that you want to make your life and business about.

What I do as your Coach is I just turn up the volume on that voice so that you can hear it louder and clearer and if you choose to,  you can  follow it to create that new business, to build that new team, to drive that project, to create major change or quite simply to have the life of your dreams.

Still not sure if Coaching is for you?

How about completing the Readiness Questionnaire or getting in touch for a FREE Consultation or Action Strategy Session.

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