About Deborah Russell

Deborah Russell coaches women and men through transitions and life changes.  Committed to accompanying them to access their maximum potential, she strives to achieve  fulfillment and harmony both at work and at home, believing passionately that they go absolutely ‘hand in hand’ together.  She coaches around the ‘whole’ rather than the ‘components’. 

Deborah Russell is a Certified Professional Transition Coach, (ACC – Associate Certified Coach accredited with the International Federation in Coaching – ICF ), trained at iPEC in London (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).   iPEC Coaching is a World Class, ICF accredited Coaching Training School in USA.  Deborah is a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment process (ELI), as well as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and is committed to and coaches around Strengths based leadership for all leaders in all walks of life.


 Her work: “we are all leaders”


Deborah is a practised and successful Transition Coach, an experienced Skills developer, a Group Facilitator and a former Educator in English for International Leaders.

As a Master Practitioner for the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, she works closely around 7 levels of performance energy in all of her coaching and through this she helps others to recognise how low and decreasing energy can be managed and enhanced,  improving results,  personal performance and all round satisfaction.

She coaches Leaders and their groups both face to face or virtually and works from either Paris or London.  She lives in the West of Paris and enjoys the flexibility of being able to provide a Coaching service to Leaders anywhere in the world.

Experience with Leaders in Hospitality:

Deborah has had extensive experience working with Managers in hospitality worldwide and supporting them in building internal relations and developing their teams.   For over 25 years she has been designing, delivering or facilitating Management or HR programs for International Leaders both individually or in groups as well as Coaching Managers and frontline employees in Companies.  She has been involved in the program design and the roll-out training for a major rebranding program for International Managers, where clarity of communication, cultural sensitivity and discretion showed up as some of  her core strengths.

Communication is a subject that is close to Deborah’s heart as she has spent years observing it compromised and has become more and more sensitive to the feeling that this is where she can genuinely support others to learn the art of hearing, as well as recognising the importance of being heard.

Companies Deborah  has worked with throughout her career:-

  • Granada Hotels – London and Amsterdam,
  • Forte Hotels – London, The UK Provinces
  • Yves Rocher – Paris,
  • Eurest Compass Group – Paris,
  • Infolangues, Lyon, France
  • Fives group – Saint Germain en Laye, France
  • BNP Cardif Insurance – Paris
  • Thrive Partners

 What people say about Deborah Russell :

People have described Deborah as a professional, talented and intuitive Coach, who  challenges clients powerfully and discretely to get to the heart of the matter, in order to move  forward rapidly with their own business and personal goals.  As a Trainer and Facilitator she is visibly calm, controlled and serene, yet astute.  Many who she has worked with report having achieved  critical accomplishments in transitions from managing a new boss,  changing careers, moving countries, to managing relationships.   They also report that her work around 7 levels of energy, the  ELI (Energy Leadership Index) is long lasting and continues to impact their lives for years after they work with her.  http://www.deborahrussellcoaching.com/testimonials/

For fun:

_MG_5759 (2)Deborah believes that having fun is an essential spoke in the wheel of life.  It contributes largely to her own health and her energy;  she’s a dancer of 11 years in both Latin and Ballroom and she enjoys all types of modern or classical music.  She has travelled to and lived in different countries much of her life and enjoys learning about different cultures and the way people live.  In particular, in her free time she  loves being surrounded by the beauty of nature and gardens.


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