How the Steps work?

The following steps have been formulated to create the most logical coaching packages to suit your individual or your group’s needs.

‘Foundation’  Step 1:

These are 3 key assessments for conscious Leaders



  • ELI  Assessment – You will complete the Energy Leadership Index Assessment  and receive the outline debrief of your scores.
  • Values Assessment – You will discover the priority values that drive you and your business and you will be able to define your vision for what you want to achieve as a leader and with your team.
  • Personal  Evaluation  – You  will evaluate your current situation with me  to see what is working and what is not working and together we will identify specific challenges and prioritize them.

‘Dig deeper’  Step 2:

ELI  Assessment –  You will complete the Energy Leadership Index Assessment and receive an expanded debrief from your scores.  You will address the internal challenges,  uncover what’s really going on underneath through discovering the internal  blocks .  You will find solutions and develop and plan to implement them; you will then address the external blocks in the same way.

‘The way to go’  Step 3:

You will create an overall action plan with specific goals and measurable criteria from which to measure your achievements and your  vision.   Identify and address any obstacles in your way of implementing this plan when they come up.

 ‘The essential tools’  Step 4:  (modular)

Leader modules:

Management skills:- Structuring and giving effective presentations, Managing meetings more effectively,  Confidence  and structure in Personal presentations,  Managing or handling conference calls in another language,  championing and offering constructive feedback,  conducting positive and productive performance  appraisals,  resolving conflict , strategies for problem solving and decision making,  strategies for managing change,  nurturing an emotional intelligent team.

HR Leader modules (also essential skills for Managers):

Coaching skills:- Active listening, acknowledging, validating, visioning, relaxation and centring, reframing and giving feedback.  Re-framing concepts,  coaching around values, obstacles and goals planning.

 ‘The implementation’  Step 5:

The implementation of your new strategy and plans.  Use your new knowledge and tools on an on-going basis:  Re-design as needed, strategize around blocks as needed  with me your coach with accountability for 6 months (or more if required).  This period is one of implementation for sustainability.

Golden Oldie Bonus Programme:

SATA – Systematic Approach to Target Achievement
: This is a well proven  programme of excellence  used to focus  Leaders on the process of accomplishing a goal, project or task.

A  personalised programme with a Systematic Approach for Individual Leaders and their team.

A programme which provides constructive feedback on the teams’ individual and collective approach,  behaviour and contribution around the productivity. This programme is tried, tested and successfully proven by Leaders of a variety of Industries since 1990.

 Programs best suited for you:

Team Leader Mastery 6 month Program Includes step 5 and some skills from step 4 above.
Team Leader Solutions VIP* Day Why VIP? This day focuses on speed and results, high accomplishment, less travel as it’s virtual, no rescheduling of missed appointments and high energy! Includes steps 2, 3 and 4 above.
Team Leader Solutions Group Workshop Includes steps 1 – 4 above.
Team Leader Essentials (90 min Intensive) Includes step 1 above
*Team Leader Bonus Day* Assumes delegates have already done steps 1 or 2 above.
*(offered at discount to groups having already completed Team Leaders’ Solutions Group Workshop).

*Please contact me directly for a consultation for further details, package prices and additional special coaching offers.


****** Save €100 from the Team Leader Essential Package ****** The ELI assessment without a debrief session is normally
 147€ . The ELI assessment with the debrief is normally €267. If you book
 the Team Leader Essentials package which consists of the two together (plus a Values Assessment and a Personal evaluation too), I will waive 100€ from the assessment
 making the total for the package just 167€


Privacy Statement:  In order for the requested products and services to be provided, I may require you to provide certain personal information about yourself.  I will not exchange information about you to third parties.

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